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Sector-specific solutions

From removing chewing gum to concrete removal, right through to removing rust from metal, DYNAJET water jetting systems can be deployed in numerous sectors and work processes. Find out what DYNAJET can do in your sector.


Regardless of whether you have to clean construction equipment, scaffolding and shuttering, or remove road markings – DYNAJET always offers the ideal tool for the demanding requirements of small and large construction sites.

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From simple facade renovation to problematic concrete restoration: DYNAJET is in its element.

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Service providers

DYNAJET’s wide-ranging product portfolio, with its numerous possibilities for deployment, is especially popular with service providers due to the diversity of applications it covers.

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Local authorities

DYNAJET enables you to clean pedestrian precincts, steps, pavements, buildings, parks and cemeteries particularly quickly and thoroughly.

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With DYNAJET, small and large production plants are cleaned with high pressure and at very high speed.

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Shipyards and offshore

With DYNAJET, you always make the right choice: from cleaning and renovating harbour installations, to cleaning containers and warehouses, right through to treating ships in dry dock, in the harbour or at sea.

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Agriculture and forestry

Modern agriculture and forestry relies on DYNAJET. Our high-pressure cleaners are particularly successful in removing earth, loess soil and loam from tractors, agricultural machinery and devices. Another ideal application for DYNAJET’s water jetting systems is the gentle removal of bark from trees.

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