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Cleaning oil-drilling installations

Even under very difficult conditions and where there’s stubborn dirt – DYNAJET remains reliable

The demand for fossil fuels, which has been steadily increasing for decades, makes the continuous development of new gas and oil fields indispensable. At the same time, the demand for professional DYNAJET water jetting systems, which meet the complex and difficult cleaning requirements of oil-drilling installations, has also been rising. On the African continent especially, a number of solutions for applications in the area of oil extraction and production have recently been implemented with DYNAJET.


For the growing oil industry in Ghana, the repair, maintenance and cleaning of extraction tools and drilling accessories are an important economic factor. So how can the complex cleaning requirements connected with these be carried out efficiently and cost-effectively?


The second DYNAJET UHP 170 was shipped to Ghana in the summer of 2010, and for a good reason: with a pressure of 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI), even stubborn deposits and coatings are removed from the interior of the extremely expensive drill pipes quickly and efficiently. No other technology can prepare these pipes for the next drilling operation in a shorter time and in a more material-friendly and user-friendly way. With regard to being kind to resources, the DYNAJET 350th and DYNAJET 500th are additional alternatives, as their integrated, high-performance hot-water generators enable bituminous deposits and crude oil residue to be removed even more precisely. And they require considerably less water in comparison to the larger and more expensive cold-water machines.