Cleaning pipes for pipelines

DYNAJET 500th: With a temperature of around 80-90 °C, cleaning speed can be increased even further

Due to the rising prices of crude oil and natural gas, as well as the ever growing demand for fossil fuels, new gas and oil fields continue to be developed in the North Sea. These new explorations lie far beyond the existing areas and have to be connected to the network over very long distances by supply pipelines. In the North Sea alone, several thousand kilometres of new pipelines are laid every year to safeguard the energy supply.


The individual pipes in the pipelines are 10 m in length and 1.12 m in diameter. Their solid steel core is protected by a layer of concrete reinforced with steel, and by a flexible layer of bitumen. Before they can be welded together to make a continuous pipeline following external coating, each pipe must once again undergo thorough interior cleaning. This is carried out in large, onshore service bases and, due to changing weather conditions, under difficult conditions. The pipes are then welded on the open sea.


DYNAJET high-pressure cleaners once again proved to be the right choice for such a demanding project. The specialist companies responsible for preparing, handling and laying the pipelines were equipped with four DYNAJET 500th hot-water diesel trailers via our Norwegian trade partner “Hoytrykksenteret – Norge AS”. These flexible and powerful units enabled problem-free, effective cleaning even in sections of the service base that were extremely difficult to access.

With a pressure of up to 500 bar (7,250 PSI) and a maximum flow rate of 30 litres (7.94 USgal) a minute, the individual pipes were cleaned, degreased and prepared for further processing in a very short time with the aid of a technically sophisticated nozzle system.

This system consisted of a rotating nozzle device mounted on a carriage for interior cleaning. Three rollers enabled the carriage to be precisely fitted to the diameter of the pipes and positioned right in their centre. This was important to ensure that the distance from the nozzle to the inner wall remained identical throughout the cleaning procedure, thus guaranteeing even results. The magnetically braked system was set into rotation by the nozzle reaction force, rendering energy from an external source completely unnecessary. Forward feed in the pipes was carried out manually by the operator.

The DYNAJET 500th high-pressure cleaner is a hot-water unit. So, with a temperature of around 80-90°C, the cleaning speed could be increased even further. Universally adjustable parameters, such as pressure, flow rate and temperature, enabled ideal operation of the machines at all times. This resulted in a considerable minimisation of fuel consumption and operating costs.

The high reliability and robust construction of the devices meant that the work could be carried out non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in three shifts – an absolute necessity as 96,000 pipes had to be cleaned.

All in all, the four DYNAJET high-pressure cleaners were in operation for almost 19,000 hours in two years: impressive proof of their high quality and performance. Svein Inge Hansen, head of “Hoytrykksenteret – Norge AS” summed up: “The power and reliability of the DYNAJET water jetting systems is unbelievable. We would never have achieved this fantastic success in such a short time with any other machine.” High performance right round the clock under the most adverse conditions: DYNAJET high-pressure cleaners have again proved why they are leaders in this field.


• Special nozzles for different types of dirt and requirements

• A variable pressure range due to the integrated high-performance burner

• Hot water makes for higher efficiency

• Quick set-up and disassembly due to the built-in cable drum

• Maximum movability with the easily manoeuvrable single-axis chassis

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