Removing filling materials from expansion joints

The art of the expansion joint: DYNAJET removes 80 km of filling materials

Sacadat and three other Romanian power stations are connected by a channel system that generates a total of 48 kW of electricity. However, 10 % of the water collected was getting lost through leaks in the expansion joints.


At the end of August 2008, SC Crisana Cons won the tender to remove the bitumen from the expansion joints which, all in all, were no less than 80 km in length. The joints then had to be filled with a new, long-lasting material resistant to high temperatures. In addition, a number of concrete repairs were to be carried out.


SC Crisana Cons contacted Ircat, Bucharest, their tried-and-tested supplier of DYNAJET water jetting systems, to find a solution for this demanding project. Crisana, which is very active in structural and civil engineering throughout Europe and, within this context, responsible for numerous bridge construction and bridge renovation projects, opted for a DYNAJET UHP 170 offering 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI).

“The decision in favour of a high-pressure unit from DYNAJET was made easily, because the company is renowned as an excellent manufacturer of construction equipment,” said Francisc Zsisnovsky, Project Manager at Crisana. He explained that the task would be completed within 2 months on a two-shift basis, as the Sacadat power station intended to resume energy production at the beginning of November.


  • High cleaning and removal performance
  • Low reaction force and high area coverage
  • Vibration-free removal
  • An extremely small machine
  • Stepfree regulation
  • A high degree of safety