Motorway renovation

Concrete on the Brenner motorway is efficiently repaired – a green light for clean solutions


Over the years, frost, de-icing road salt, vibrations, natural weathering, and an immense increase in heavy goods vehicles resulted in numerous signs of wear and tear on the Brenner motorway, accompanied by severe damage to and weakening of its concrete structure. The cracks that developed allowed water to penetrate into the structure, which led to frost wedging, entire pieces of concrete breaking away, and corrosion of the steel reinforcements. For the motorway, designed almost completely as a reinforced concrete bridge on supporting columns, this was a safety risk that had to be eliminated quickly and efficiently.


The only economical restoration option for unsupported concrete structures such as the Brenner motorway is ultrahigh-pressure water jetting technology. The DYNAJET 2,000-bar (29,000 PSI) ultrahigh-pressure unit is ideal. Vibration-free removal of damaged and weakened bridge concrete and complete uncovering of steel reinforcements, while being gentle on structures that are still intact, are typical characteristics of DYNAJET ultrahigh-pressure units. In combination with a three-jet rotor nozzle, the DYNAJET UHP 170, offering a pressure of 2,000 bar (29,000 PSI) with a water flow of 18 l/min (4.76 USgal/min), turned into the ideal partner for this complex task. 170-horsepower cleaning and removal packed into an extremely small-size machine enables restoration under the most difficult conditions: during restoration of the Brenner, more than 15,000 m² of damaged concrete on the supporting columns and the underside of the road could be blasted and roughened in a material-friendly way in preparation for a new coating of concrete. The low reaction force and high area coverage made working simple and safe, even in cherry pickers or on scaffolding. Through the deployment of an all-terrain lorry, containing both the DYNAJET UHP 170 as a stationary module and an additional water tank, operations could be carried out regardless of the local infrastructure.


• High cleaning and removal performance

• Low reaction force and high area coverage

• Vibration-free removal

• A comparably small machine

• A high degree of safety

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