Cleaning scaffolding

DYNAJET professional high-pressure cleaners rapidly remove all types of dirt on construction scaffolding and its elements.


Construction scaffolding is particularly affected by accumulations of residue from plaster and other materials which, as soon as they harden, not only adhere very stubbornly, but may also become extremely sharp. So, in addition to a possible impairment in functionality of individual parts of the scaffolding, dirt of this kind presents a very high risk of injury.

The accumulated residue also increases the weight of the scaffolding considerably, resulting in possible further risks and economic disadvantages:

  • Exceedance of the maximum load for the transport vehicle
  • Instability during transportation due to dirty guide grooves
  • Extra strain on the body when assembling and disassembling, as well as loading and unloading
  • Additional costs from increased fuel consumption during transportation


What is the ideal way of preventing these risks and effectively counteracting the economic disadvantages?



DYNAJET’s professional high-pressure cleaners make for extra economy and safety when it comes to scaffolding, too. The compact, flexible and versatile water-jetting systems remove all types of dirt within seconds – regardless of its intensity – because every high-pressure unit from DYNAJET allows stepless regulation of both pressure and water volume. With suitable accessories and the optional DYNAJET hot-water principle, cleaning performance can be intensified and accelerated without problem many times over. And all this purely with the power of water – not only saving time, but also money.



  • Highly efficient cleaning
  • Simple operation
  • Stepless regulation of pressure
  • Compact design for maximum flexibility
  • Short set-up times
  • High cost efficiency and economy
  • Special nozzles for different types of dirt
  • Higher performance through optional hot-water technology with temperature regulation