Cleaning dock installations

The Namibian structural engineering industry is renovating dock installations with DYNAJET

The economic boom in Africa presents the rapidly growing industry with an enormous challenge which it wants DYNAJET to help to meet, as the increasing demand for DYNAJET high-pressure units shows. Namibia, for example, which lies in southern Africa, trusts in the DYNAJET UHP 170, with a pressure of up to 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI), to renovate dock installations.


Wharf and pier installations, damaged throughout the years by sea water and severe changes in temperature, have to be renovated to safeguard harbour operations. This requires water jetting systems that work economically, are easy to use and offer a high level of safety.


With the DYNAJET UHP 170, the DYNAJET portfolio certainly offers just the right equipment: to protect the basic structure of the installations, which is still intact, DYNAJET high-pressure technology has been chosen to remove a depth of around 6-10 cm without vibration. This will not only uncover the first layer of steel reinforcements, but also remove corrosion from it, thus guaranteeing enormous time and cost savings. What is more, the pressure, flow rate and temperature offered by the DYNAJET UHP 170 can be varied in such a way that optimum parameters are achieved for every application. This means that the DYNAJET UHP operates with high efficiency at all times and adapts flexibly to different requirements. The high-pressure unit becomes an all-round cleaning and maintenance tool indispensable to modern and far-sighted construction work.


• High cleaning and removal performance

• Low reaction force and high area coverage

• Vibration-free removal

• An extremely small machine

• Stepless regulation

• A high degree of safety