Special application: as a hydraulic unit for concrete pumps

Small, compact and extremely powerful – the DYNAJET 350mg plus as an emergency hydraulic unit


Operations on construction sites do not always run smoothly. If the hydraulics of a truck-mounted concrete pump fail, work normally has to be discontinued and a replacement concrete pump found as quickly as possible. The truck-mounted pump must be “salvaged” swiftly and competently, i.e. the extended boom and outriggers must be retracted and the concrete removed from the pipe. Because, if the concrete sets in the pipe, this may cause greater damage to the concrete pump, resulting in immense costs. 


The DYNAJET 350mg plus proves to be a real asset in this situation. With its economic and sophisticated triple function, it not only ensures, as a water-jetting system and pipe cleaner, that truck-mounted concrete pumps are clean, but can also be deployed as an emergency hydraulic unit for the outriggers, operating the diverter valve, folding the boom and emptying the pump. This additional function as an emergency hydraulic unit means that damage can be actively prevented and costs of up to EUR 20,000 (for special types of truck-mounted concrete pumps, up to EUR 40,000) therefore avoided. With its light weight, small dimensions and easy-loading and easy-transportation characteristics, the DYNAJET 350mg can accompany you to operations without problem at all times. An additional lifting eye makes for increased flexibility and mobility on site. When it comes to economy and efficiency, the DYNAJET 350mg is unrivalled.



 Before                                                    After


  • A compact and easily manoeuvrable machine
  • Short set-up time
  • Triple function
  • Lifting eye

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