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Surface preparation of a bunker silo


The bitumen coating on the 60 metre long and 2.60 metre high walls of an ageing bunker silo is to be removed and the underlying surface prepared for a new coating. The special challenge lies in treating the two different areas of the silo correctly: on the one hand, the area that was previously covered by the silage, where the coating and concrete have been attacked by the silage juice; on the other, the area above, where the coating is weathered, but the concrete is still intact.


With the DYNAJET 800th wireless hot- and cold-water trailer, both areas can be cleaned rapidly, efficiently and economically. For the area previously covered by the silage, the RDS-Easy 3000-6 rotor nozzle is deployed. At a working pressure of 500 bar (7,250 PSI) and with hot water, the coating and the loose concrete can be reliably removed. Afterwards, the underlying surface still has sufficient tensile strength. For the area above, the RDS-Easy 3000-6 rotor nozzle can also be used. Here, the coating is completely removed and the concrete slightly roughened with hot water at a pressure of 800 bar (11,600 PSI).


With DYNAJET, surfaces are successfully prepared in a minimum of time and in an absolutely cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way.

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