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Effective cleaning of public places, stations and multi-storey car parks

Caring for public spaces is highly challenging – large areas, which are sometimes exceptionally dirty, need to be cleaned thoroughly and without the use of chemicals in a very short time. With the new DFS VAC surface-cleaning system, DYNAJET offers the ideal solution.

Effective cleaning of public places, stations and multi-storey car parks Local authorities have to clean and care for public places, stations and multi-storey car parks economically and, at the same time, ecologically. DYNAJET is a specialist for these municipal challenges: with water pressure of up to 500 bar (7,250 PSI) and integrated dirty-water extraction, the DFS VAC surface cleaner is the optimum tool for fast and sustainable wet cleaning of large areas. The advantages in a nutshell:

High cleaning performance without the use of chemicals
With a working pressure of up to 350 bar (5,075 PSI) or 500 bar (7,250 PSI) and hot water suitability of up to 95 °C, public spaces are cleaned particularly thoroughly and using water only. Whether tyre marks in multi-storey car parks, oil residue or stubborn dirt on squares or at stations – the DYNAJET surface-cleaning system makes surfaces lastingly cleaner.

Fast working without after-treatment
Thanks to the integrated automatic dirty-water extractor and the device’s wide diameter of 50 cm, even large areas are cleaned exceptionally quickly. Drying off the surfaces afterwards is not necessary. The integrated automatic extractor can be regulated steplessly, requires no electricity and dispenses with the need for a separate suction device.

Simple handling and superior design
The ergonomic design and three steerable wheels of the surface-cleaning system ensure outstandingly smooth motion without jamming. Thanks to the superior-quality stainless steel and aluminium construction with welded stainless steel nozzle rotor, the system offers a long service life even when used for tough applications.

DYNAJET – the multi-talent for local authorities
The DFS surface-cleaning system can be connected to virtually all DYNAJET high-pressure cleaners quickly and easily. Ideally, cleaning should be carried out with hot water, so the DYNAJET 350th and 500th high-pressure trailers or the skid models in the mdh series are particularly suitable. The great advantage of this: using only one high-pressure cleaner, numerous other municipal tasks can also be carried out, e.g. weed control, chewing gum removal or graffiti removal.

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