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Concrete restoration

Loss of form for concrete? Not with DYNAJET!

Concrete restoration requires absolutely perfect machinery, which needs to be both robust and highly efficient. The DYNAJET professional water jetting systems suitable for construction sites set new standards in preparatory concrete restoration through controlled breaking and removal of damaged concrete.


How can the perfect removal of contaminants, epoxy resin coatings, bitumen residue or black paint be guaranteed?


With DYNAJET, surface preparation and roughening of old layers of concrete are child’s play, regardless of whether you’re carrying out concrete repairs on bridges, in tunnels, in sluice chambers or in multi-storey car parks. You can also clear concrete from reinforcements with DYNAJET’s high-pressure units – quickly and without damaging the metal. What is more, simple handling and high service lives make DYNAJET water jetting systems the ideal partners when it comes to concrete restoration. DYNAJETting is economical, efficient and safe.


  • Only one work step is necessary: with mechanical chiselling, rust has to be removed from the iron reinforcements with a dry sand blaster in a second work step – with DYNAJET this has already been done during the first step
  • No damage to the reinforcements
  • No damage to the underlying surfaces (as there is with pneumatic hammers, for example), because concrete removal with DYNAJET water jetting systems is vibration-free
  • Optimally structured surfaces