DYNAJET 350mg plus

Cold-water high-pressure cleaners or hydraulic power pack, 320 bar (4,640 PSI)

  • Efficient
  • Small
  • Flexible

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Small, efficient and independent: that’s DYNAJET’s compact “mg” class with a powerful petrol motor. Just like the other DYNAJET trolleys in the “mg” class, the special features of the DYNAJET 350mg, offering a working pressure of up to 350 bar (5,075 PSI), are its light weight, small dimensions and easy-loading and easy-transportation characteristics.


  • Robust, powder-coated steel frame for optimum machine protection and a long service life
  • Single-axle chassis with pneumatic tyres for easy on-site manoeuvrability
  • A perfect centre of gravity for flexibility and stability
  • Screws made of corrosion-free material for high durability
  • Central lifting eye for easy transportation and handling
  • Operating-hours counter for optimum product costing analyses
  • 12 V socket for the power supply to the Dynabox 12 V hot-water module


  • Vibration-proof starter battery for effortless start-up
  • Flexible vibration elements to absorb vibration between the motor, pump and frame
  • Electric starter for easy starting of the machine
  • Robust 4-stroke petrol motor with 2 cylinders
  • Oil-pressure monitoring to protect against motor damage

Water supply

  • Suction pressure control to protect the pump in the case of a weak water supply
  • Washable stainless steel water-filter insert for maximum service life of the pump
  • Thermo safety valve for additional protection of the pump
  • Safety valve for additional safety during operation
  • Large-sized bypass hose to prevent pressure peaks and temperature increases
  • Triple function as water-jetting system, pipe cleaner and hydraulic unit

Technical data

DYNAJET 350mg plus

Base data
System Cold-water high-pressure cleaners or hydraulic power pack
Type Trolley/Box
Pressure class 320 bar (4,640 PSI)
Maximum flow rate 21 l/min (5.56 USgal/min)
Base data
System Cold-water high-pressure cleaners or hydraulic power pack
Type Trolley/Box
Pressure class 320 bar (4,640 PSI)
Maximum flow rate 21 l/min (5.56 USgal/min)
Pressure class 320 bar (4,640 PSI)
Pressure variable Yes, with tools
Minimal pressure 170 bar (2,465 PSI)
Minimum flow rate 7 l/min (1.85 USgal/min)
Maximum flow rate 21 l/min (5.56 USgal/min)
Pump revolution speed Max. 1450 rpm
Hydraulic power 12 kW (16 Hp)
Pump Ceramic triplex plunger
Threaded connection
Input port GEKA
Output port M22x1.5 ET
Drive type Gasoline / Petrol motor
Motor power 16,4 kW (22 Hp)
Motor speed Max. 3250 rpm
Motor type Vanguard 2-cylinder, 4-stroke gasoline / petrol motor
Power transmission from motor to pump Gearbox
Fuel consumption 5.5 l/h (1.46 USgal/h) (average)
Volume fuel tank Approx. 20 l (5.28 USgal)
Chassis 2 wheels, trolley concept
Weight in kg 160.0
Dimensions (L/W/H) 75 x 79 x 99 cm
Medium Clear water, up to 40 °C (104 °F), min. 1.8 bar (26 PSI) to max. 6 bar (90 PSI) supply pressure
Article number 1486089

Scope of delivery

Standard equipment

lifting eye, 12 V DC socket, operating-hours meter, 2-cylinder gasoline/ petrol engine with electric starter, engine-oil pressure monitoring, acoustic alarm in case of malfunction, engine key switch, level sensor to protect the machine from running dry, crankshaft pump, high-pressure gauge, Automatic pressure regulation with bypass function for infinitely variable pressure adjustment, temperature-monitoring for medium, stainless-steel water filter, supply-pressure and water temperature-monitoring, safety valve, operating manual

Standard accessories

10 m high-pressure hose for hot/cold-water, high-pressure cleaning gun with extension pipe (total length approx. 800 mm), nozzle carrier and 15° flat-jet nozzle


Basisvariante: DYNAJET 350mg

Recommended accessories

Empfohlenes zubehör
Kit: Rotating nozzle 350me/mg/md
Water-sandblasting WSS500 f 350 me/mg/md
Back-up ring M22
HP water hose 400bar 25m DN8,2x M22X1,5
HP water hose 400bar 10M DN8,2x M22x1,5
HP water hose 400bar 50m DN8,2x M22X1,5
Swivel union M22 IG/AG 500bar
Hose connection M22X1,5AG 500bar
O-Ring for M22
HP-Quickcoupl. 350bar Female w. M22x1,5 AG
HP-Quickcoupl. 350bar Male w. M22x1,5 IG
Spare parts kit f HP-Gun 350bar GEN2
Handle f HP-gun
Extension pipes 500bar 350mm 1/4Z
Double spray lance 500bar, M22X1.5ET
High pressure pistol 350bar M22x1,5 SW
Spare spray gun handle ohne Lanzenrohr / Kurz mit Drehgelenk
O-ring for nozzles form C/B für Düsenform C/D
Jet nozzle V 3 1/8Z
Support ring for nozzle form C/D
Repair-kits f rotating nozzle manual 050
Nozzle carrier 500bar
Nozzle carrier 1/4ZNPT 500bar 150°C
Flat-jet nozzle 30° D=1.10
Flat-jet nozzle shape D 1,0 15°
Flat jet nozzle shape D 1,1 15°
Flat-jet nozzle shape D 1,6 15°
Round jet nozzle shape C 1.3
Flat-jet nozzle shape D 1,6 30°
Round-jet nozzle shape A 005
Flat-jet nozzle shape B 4005
High pressure nozzle1505
Rotating nozzle 350me/mg/md
Repair-kit f rotating nozzle 050
Rotating nozzle manual 350me/mg/md
Poly nozzle f 350me/mg/md
Spare part kits for needle-valve
DRS-W roof cleaning system
Dynajet Roofcleaner DRS Anschl. M22x1,5AG + M24x1,5AG
DFS 350 VAC floor cleaning system
Holder for hose
Pipe cleaning hose 15m 1/4ET
Pipe cleaning hose 25m 1/4ET
Pipe cleaning hose 50m 1/4ET
Pipe cleaning nozzle f 350me/mg/md
Pointed nozzle f 350me/mg/md
Pipe rotating nozzle f 350me/mg/md
Tank washing system stainless
Foot valve 500bar M22X1.5IG GEN2
Tank washing system 220V
Tank washing system "pneumatic"
Tank washing system "water motor"
Tank washing system aluminium
Pipe rotating nozzle f 2x350me/mg/md
Water-Sand-Blasting unit 350bar
Spare ceramic focus nozzle f. WSS500
Nozzle set f WSS500 shape O 0,55
Suction lance for abrasive materials DN16
DYNAJET weed killer DUV 500
drive system DUV 500
DYNAJET Weed killer DUV 50 Spot
DYNAJET Weed killer DUV 250
Protective suit, medium
Protective suit, large
Protective suit, X-large
Protective suit, XX-large
Gloves, size 8
Gloves, size 9
Gloves, size 10
Gloves, size 11
Safety glasses
High-pressure apron 500/500/200 bar
Waterblast rain suit, X-large
Waterblast rain suit, large
Safety helmet
Safety boots 800, size 42
Safety boots 800, size 43
Safety boots 800, size 44
Safety boots 800, size 45
Safety boots 800, size 46
Safety boots 800, size 47
Face shield made of stainless steel EN 1731, für Helm 427305
Safety boots 800, size 46
Visor polycarbonat replacement
Hose drum complete PN350 - M22x1,5 e.t.
O-ring quick-release coupling
Spare swivel joint
Counter nipple M22x1,5e.t.-1/4" i.t. 500bar
Counter nipple M22x1.5 ET - 3/8 IT 500bar
Quick-release M22x1.5IT,3/8IT
Box nut M18x1,5
Extension pipes 500bar, 800mm, 1/4Z
Quick release M22x1.5,3/8ET
Quick-release M22x1.5IT,1/4ET
Quick-release M22x1.5IT,1/4IT
Counter nipple M22x1,5 e.t.-1/4" 500bar
Counter nipple M22x1,5 e.t.-3/8" e.t. 500bar
Glue for stainless steel threads in tube
Distributing piece 500bar 3xM22x1.5ET
Hose clamp D18-21 B8