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Water quality

Question: Can I fill my DYNAJET high-pressure cleaner with any type of water or should I take water quality into consideration?

Answered by our Service Manager:

On no account should the machine be filled with water from open waters, the sea or with demineralised water. The water supplied to the system should be of drinking water quality and contain as little air as possible. You should also make sure that the water contains few suspended particles by carrying out a simple test: Take a sample of the water in a glass and, after leaving it to stand for a few hours, check whether particles have settled on the bottom of the glass. Suspended particles are responsible for increased wear – especially when you are working at higher pressures – because, in a similar way to sandpaper, they are abrasive to surfaces.

You will also protect your machine by observing the following points:

  • Use wide-diameter supply hoses.
  • Keep the supply hose as short as possible.
  • The fewer valves, ball valves and T components there are in the hose line, the better.
  • Make sure that the suction pressure is between a minimum of 2 bar (29 PSI) and a maximum of 6 bar (87 PSI).
  • Shut off the supply when not in use.

Here you can download an overview of the requirements for water quality.