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“th” models – burner: “master reset”

Question: The burner of my 350/500/800th machine is no longer reacting after an error was displayed (symbol: flame crossed through) on the electricals box above the red LED. How do I rectify the problem, or what’s the best way to carry out a reset?

Answered by our Service Manager:

A reset can be carried out quite simply by pressing the grey reset button on the board. However, because the error message is saved on the burner's supervision board for safety reasons, in this particular case a master reset has to be performed. The procedure is identical for the 350th, 500th and 800th wireless machine types.
Simply press the grey reset button and, keeping the button pressed, switch on the machine. It is important that the burner has been activated, i.e. the burner switch must also be in the on position. You can then use your device as normal.