Personal protective equipment for working with a high-pressure cleaner

Question: What personal protective equipment do I need, when, and for what applications, when working with a high-pressure cleaner?

Answered by our Service Manager:

To keep the risk of possible injuries for the user as low as possible, the following PPE (personal – protective – equipment) MUST always be used in the entire surrounding area in which the high-pressure cleaner is being operated:

  1. Safety helmet
  2. Hearing protectors
  3. Protective goggles
  4. Face-protection visor
  5. Protective suit ( waterproof )
  6. Protective gloves ( waterproof )
  7. Safety boots ( waterproof )


For pressure ranges above 800 bar (11,600 PSI), the following personal protective equipment must be worn in addition:

  • High-pressure protective gaiters (2,000 bar; 29,000 PSI)
  • High-pressure apron (2,000 bar; 29,000 PSI)
  • High-pressure hose protector (2,000 bar;29,000 PSI)

Every operator is obliged by law to ensure that the personal protective equipment is worn properly and that its condition is regularly checked. Further information can be found in the safety regulations accompanying your machine.