Let everything run smoothly – with anti-seize

Question: What is the best lubricant for greasing the stainless steel hose connection of my DYNAJET high-pressure cleaner?

Answered by our Service Manager:
In the high-pressure area, stainless steel is the material primarily deployed. So, to counteract galling lastingly, please use anti-seize lubricant only. Due to the chromium content of stainless steel, its smooth surface and in combination with oxygen and water, the metal forms a protective chromium oxide layer, also known as a passive layer, which protects it against corrosion. This passive layer is treated with anti-seize, resulting in fine dry lubrication on a fluorpolymer base. As a result, even with high pressure and high friction, galling is prevented, and so costs for exchanging threads and couplings are avoided.

The anti-seize coating is not only dry and has a secure grip, but also puts friction at 0.12 – 0.18 μgs.

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