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Finding the cause of pressure loss

Answered by our Service Manager:
There may be several reasons for a sudden loss of pressure. In most cases however, the problem can often be quickly pinpointed and easily rectified by carrying out a quick check of your machine. The best way to proceed is as follows:

First check simple things, such as whether the water supply is switched on, whether there is enough water in the tank and whether water is leaking from the machine anywhere. If all these are OK, you should then check the nozzle. This may be worn out. So use a new nozzle in the appropriate size. Information about the correct nozzle size can be found on the label on your machine, in the operating manual or in the DYNAJET nozzle chart. If the pressure loss continues, the next step is to check the high-pressure cleaning gun, steel pipe and lance. These may have a defect, leak or blockage. Operate the device without these fittings or with different ones, and check whether this rectifies the problem. If the pressure loss persists, please check the unloader valve, the connectors of the high-pressure hoses and couplings. Is water escaping from any of these points in the circuit? Ensure that the high-pressure hose is not too long and of the right diameter.

If none of the above causes apply, please contact your DYNAJET Service Partner to have the device inspected.

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