Renovation of a sports stadium

The robust and reliable design of DYNAJET professional water jetting systems demonstrates its quality even in extreme climates

The professional high-pressure cleaners from DYNAJET are once again proving their flexibility and robustness under the most adverse conditions. Numerous DYNAJET water jetting systems are now in use in the countries of Africa.


As part of a large-scale infrastructure project, an existing and ageing sports complex was renovated and extended.


The compact, powerful, mobile, flexible, and – down to the very last detail – sophisticated DYNAJET 500me was deployed to remove loose paint, plaster and mortar. At the same time, shuttering and construction machinery were cleaned, and concrete surfaces blasted, so that once surface preparation was successfully completed, the follow-up work could very soon begin. The combination of an extremely high degree of cleaning efficiency with low water consumption is kind on the scarce, precious resource of water. In addition to the DYNAJET 500me, the DYNAJET UHP 170 ultrahigh-pressure unit, with a maximum pressure of 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI), was also used to renovate the sports stadium. The more than 30-year-old stadium was first completely gutted and worked back to its concrete support structure. The extremely resistant epoxy coatings could then be removed from the pillars with an ultrahigh pressure of 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI). At the same time, the old, crumbling and weak concrete was completely removed, without damaging those structures which were still in good condition and capable of doing their job. Prepared with this DYNAJET method, which is gentle on structures, the pillars were subsequently repaired, coated, and made durable for several more decades.

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