Removing bark from trees

Environmentally friendly and sustainable: DYNAJETting in wood processing

Removing bark from trees is another ideal field of application for the cold-water-jetting systems from DYNAJET. Without attacking the tree’s natural protective layer, DYNAJET cold-water-jetting systems, such as the compact and easily manoeuvrable DYNAJET 350me with a working pressure of 350 bar (5,075 PSI), remove the bark simply, quickly and cleanly. As a result, the tree trunks – still in their natural state – can withstand all environmental influences for a long period of time, without requiring any further preservation. This is because, in contrast to conventional methods, bark removal with DYNAJET retains their cambium as a natural protective layer. Costly artificial impregnation of the wood after removal of the bark is therefore unnecessary, and the logs are ideal for use in ecological log house construction based on natural wood.

Removal of the bark also makes the wood dry more rapidly, which, in turn, means that the various species of beetles that breed in the wood, or wood fungi, can no longer use it as a suitable living environment. Once it is dry, the untreated and ecologically sound raw material is available in an ideal form to be further processed in all areas of the wood industry. This gentle treatment of the wood cannot be achieved with conventional bark-removal machinery in any way at all.

When it comes to efficiency and sustainability, DYNAJET water-jetting systems are thus indispensable partners for forestry.

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