Cleaning heat exchangers

DYNAJET puts pressure on heat exchangers

DYNAJET’s high-pressure units remove bituminous deposits and stubborn lime scale from all heat exchanger pipes quickly and efficiently by means of special pipe-cleaning nozzles


Heat exchangers are particularly affected by deposits because of the thermal, physical and chemical processes constantly taking place within them. These deposits can consequently result in considerable heat transfer losses and impair the performance of the installation, i.e. cause economic damage. So how can these deposits be efficiently and lastingly removed?


The experts at DYNAJET have developed a pipe-cleaning system specifically for heat exchangers that guarantees perfect cleaning even if these are extremely dirty. If hot water is used as well, stubborn bituminous deposits can also be precisely removed.


• A pipe-cleaning system for the special requirements of heat exchangers

• Hot water for bituminous deposits

• High water volumes with small, flexible machines

Regardless of the model you opt for, whether it’s the 500/800 bar (7,250/11,600 PSI) or the UHP 170-1000/-1200 trailer, in combination with DYNAJET’s highly efficient pipe-cleaning system, optimum cleaning of your heat exchanger is guaranteed. In addition to the UHP 170-1000/-1200 trailer, which convinces with high volumes of water, the 500/800 bar (7,250/11,600 PSI) trailer, with its two high-performance hot-water generators, is a true alternative to larger and more expensive cold-water machines when it comes to removing bituminous deposits.


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