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Tailor-made efficiency: the new DYNAJET 220mdh and 350mdh

Tailor-made efficiency: the new DYNAJET 220mdh and 350mdh

Just what customers want and need: with the new DYNAJET 220mdh und 350mdh hot- and cold-water high-pressure cleaners, DYNAJET is again bringing a powerful water-jetting unit onto the market, developed in close cooperation with customers.

After being successfully launched in Scandinavia, the brand-new DYNAJET 220mdh and 350mdh high-pressure cleaners are now available from all DYNAJET Partners and dealers. Robust and easy to operate, the compact, powerful and economical water-jetting unit – with a cleaning performance of up to 350 bar (5,075 PSI) – is suitable for numerous applications. These include targeted graffiti and chewing gum removal, efficient cleaning of buildings, roofs and facades, and sustainable weed control. The first skid-based model from the DYNAJET technology forge is therefore of particular interest to service providers and local-authority users.

And that's not surprising. After all, its development arose from numerous requests and suggestions from Swedish customers in the local authority sector, as Andreas Fellmann, CEO of DYNAJET, explains: "Development of the mdh module was initiated by a number of customer requests from Sweden. For this reason, we involved our customers intensively in the development process of the new water-jetting system, so as to offer a product perfectly tailored to the needs of the users."
The result is a machine that not only impresses with its high economy and sustainability, but, as the most compact model in its performance class, is particularly flexible and versatile.

Two variations of the DYNAJET mdh are available: the "expert" version for mobile van-installations, and the classic version for stationary operation. The "expert" version offers its own connection kit for an independent water supply via water tank, while water is provided to the stationary version via a direct connection to the water network. The compact design enables the "expert" version, including the water tank, to be integrated into all commonly used transporters quickly and easily, facilitating diverse areas of application.

Numerous features, such as application-oriented, stepless pressure and flow rate regulation, and a patented burner control system without solenoid valves, provide maximum efficiency and safety every time the unit is deployed. A further highlight is the low-speed and easy-to-maintain 3-plunger crankshaft pump that makes for low wear costs and maximum service life.

The new DYNAJET all-rounders in the mdh class do, of course, offer other advantages, which we would be pleased to show you during a free demonstration. Simply contact us by e-mail and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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