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Efficient weed control with DYNAJET

Efficient weed control with DYNAJET

Environmentally friendly and highly efficient – the brand-new DYNAJET DFU 500 weedkiller combats weed growth lastingly and inexpensively, and completely without the use of chemicals, on the basis of pure hot water.

Who says “bad weeds grow tall”? With the new DFU 500 weedkiller from DYNAJET, you can now remove stubborn weed growth from roads, pavements, cobblestones and borders safely and reliably. What is more, the DYNAJET DFU 500 weedkiller operates completely without herbicides, using water that is heated up to 90 to 100 °C only.

“It's based, in principle, on the thermal weed control method that’s already known,” explains Carsten Funk, head of DYNAJET’s development department. “The hot water denatures, in other words changes the protein in the plant cells, disrupting the metabolism and thereby killing the plants. But, in contrast to conventional thermal methods, such as burning or steaming, the DYNAJET DFU 500 weedkiller employs an important supplementary component that makes weed control particularly successful: a high volume of water that penetrates the earth and damages the roots lastingly. Our trials have shown that the scalding hot water kills the plants completely and it takes weeks to months until new growth is established.” says Funk. So, with the optimum combination of hot water and pressure, the DYNAJET weedkiller literally gets down to the root of the problem. Weeds are completely destroyed and finally wither.

This makes the DYNAJET DFU 500 weedkiller one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly weedkillers in its class. With respect to the strict EU regulations too, which completely prohibit the use of herbicides and pesticides to destroy weeds in public places, DYNAJET’S weedkiller offers a cost- and resource-saving alternative. The DYNAJET DFU 500 weedkiller is ready for operation straight away and can be connected to any DYNAJET 350 to 500 bar (5,075 to 7,250 PSI) hot-water trailer. The weedkiller can also be deployed perfectly with cold-water trailers operated in combination with the hot-water generator.

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