Sihm Højtryk A/S – New DYNAJET dealer in Denmark

Sihm Højtryk A/S – New DYNAJET dealer in Denmark

On 1 April 2016, Sihm Højtryk A/S had two reasons to celebrate: not only was this the 25th anniversary of the prestigious manufacturer of high-pressure equipment, it was also the day on which the company was officially named a certified DYNAJET dealer in Denmark.

Esbjerg Ø, Denmark. Around 250 guests attended the 25th anniversary of Sihm Højtryk A/S on 1 April 2016, which was accompanied by an open day. In addition to the company’s own products, such as high-pressure personal protective equipment for the gas and oil industries, it was the first time guests could take a look at the latest DYNAJET water-jetting systems there – because, on that Friday, the company’s anniversary coincided with Sihm Højtryk A/S being named an official DYNAJET dealer in Denmark! Customers can now not only purchase top-class high-pressure equipment from the company, but also DYNAJET’s efficient professional water-jetting systems. The product manager at Sihm Højtryk A/S responsible for DYNAJET is Kim Pedersen. He was already part of the DYNAJET Denmark team between 2003 and 2008, and so has extensive know-how about the DYNAJET product assortment and the sector-specific solutions offered.

We congratulate Sihm Højtryk A/S very warmly on its 25th anniversary and look forward to collaborating with such a competent and prestigious partner in Denmark.

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