The new premium class is here: DYNAJET UHP 220

The new premium class is here: DYNAJET UHP 220

From the DYNAJET technology forge, a new masterpiece has been created: the UHP 220 with a pressure of up to 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI). The innovative, cold-water ultrahigh-pressure professional cleaner convinces with the highest level of functionality, efficiency and economy.

Available now: a new, top-class water-jetting system with a third more power and perfectly thought-through technology. The UHP 220 not only fulfils the latest safety and emissions standards (TIER 4F) but, with its numerous innovations, makes water-jetting more ergonomic, more efficient and more sustainable. Whether it’s concrete restoration, surface preparation or paint removal, with a working pressure of up to 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI) – which can be steplessly regulated – the UHP 220 masters every challenge brilliantly. And its new, powerful VOLVO 4-cylinder diesel motor with 5,100 cm³ ensures reliable and economical operation. Added to this are the following innovations, guaranteeing optimum deployment:


Ultrahigh-pressure pump with full lift safety valve

The new ultrahigh-pressure pump offers low-vibration and fatigue-resistant operation. It can be directly accessed, enabling the valves to be changed easily. The gearbox has pressure oil lubrication and noise-minimised tooth flanks for the highest level of effectiveness.

If overpressure occurs, the separate full lift safety valve opens automatically, and thus protects operator, device and accessories. As soon as the fault has been rectified and the device restarted, work can continue right away.




The digital DYNAJET EASY CONTROL II system is the new cockpit of the high-performance DYNAJET UHP 220. The generous colour display allows key operating data to be read, monitored and determined comfortably, and pressure or speed to be pre-selected. The operating hours for motor and pump are recorded separately and automatically every time the device is used. The optional WiFi module enables online access to the unit, as required, to carry out any necessary remote diagnostics.



Targa design with 4 doors

We have made our tried-and-tested Targa design even better: instead of only the two lockable hoods which were offered previously, the new DYNAJET UHP 220 has two additional maintenance doors so that you can access all the key motor and operating elements quickly and easily. This not only improves work ergonomics and operational safety, but also considerably shortens idle times in the maintenance intervals.



More storage space and a work surface with integrated vice

The new trailer is a true miracle of space. Storage space has been considerably increased and an additional work surface, including a vice, has been integrated. An optional drawer offers extra space to store accessories and keep things tidy.


4 lifting eyes

Now, four lifting eyes on the Targa ensure maximum flexibility, making positioning on site much easier and quicker.

The new DYNAJET UHP 220 does, of course, offer other details and advantages, which we would be pleased to show you during a free demonstration. Simply contact us by e-mail and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.



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