Professional roof-cleaning company, Takfornying AS, relies on DYNAJET

Professional roof-cleaning company, Takfornying AS, relies on DYNAJET

High pressure for a perfect roof: the DYNAJET 500th water-jetting system convinced the Norwegian service provider, Takfornying AS, and is now part of the company’s fleet of high-pressure cleaners.

In cooperation with our partner Høytrykksenteret-Norge AS, DYNAJET presented its cold- and hot-water high-pressure cleaner to a team of experts from Takfornying AS in the Norwegian capital Oslo last week. Founded in 2014 and successfully expanding, Takfornying AS fully specialises in cleaning roofs of all types. To meet the high demand for high-pressure roof cleaning in Norway, the company was on the lookout for new innovative and economic water-jetting systems for this special area of application. It finally struck rich with the world’s leading manufacturer of water-jetting systems up to 3,000 bar (43,500 PSI): DYNAJET.

At the demonstration, everything revolved around fast, efficient and economic roof cleaning, of course: a classic application for the mobile and all-purpose DYNAJET 500th water-jetting system.

Following a short introduction to the technology and advantages of the cold- and hot-water trailer, things really took off – and under proper conditions. Within just a very short time and before the eyes of the professionals, the tiles of a roof – extremely dirty from various environmental influences and also covered in moss – were cleaned perfectly and reliably. The DYNAJET 500th with a working pressure of up to 500 bar (7,250 PSI) was assisted by the tried-and-tested DYNAJET rotor nozzle. After less than an hour, the roof shone again with new splendour.

The perfect workmanship of the water-jetting system, its ergonomic Targa design, and its efficiency and economy completely convinced the experts at Takfornying AS. And so the first DYNAJET 500th has already been supplied to the company and incorporated in its fleet of high-pressure cleaners.

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