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Optimum protective clothing for the new season

Optimum protective clothing for the new season

The new water-jetting season is fast approaching and it’s again time to check that your protective clothing is still in optimum condition. Are you all set when it comes to work safety?

Besides the obligatory springtime check of your machine, inspection of your protective clothing plays a no less important role. Fast, efficient and economic treatment and cleaning of very diverse materials and surfaces can be carried out easily with the right water pressure of up to 3,000 bar (43,500 PSI). But to avoid safety risks, wearing flawless-condition and perfect-quality water-jetting protective clothing while doing so is essential.
With just a short preliminary inspection of your protective clothing, you can ensure that you properly prepared.

If anything’s missing or no longer intact, you’ll find everything you need for professional protection in the DYNAJET Accessories search. Regardless of whether it’s trousers, high-pressure aprons, safety jackets, safety boots, gaiters, gloves, safety helmets or complete sets, DYNAJET offers a wide assortment of optimum water-jetting protective clothing for all pressure classes up to 3,000 bar (43,500 PSI). That all the products are CE-certified goes without saying, as does the quality of the materials used. Of course, in addition to optimum protection, DYNAJET’s protective clothing also offers perfect comfort so that you’re not only effectively protected against injury, your work is made as pleasant as possible.

Start the new busy season safely now!

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