DYNAJET UHP 220 prototype presented in Paris, France

During the fourth international anti-corrosion convention “LES RENCONTRES DE LA PEINTURE ANTICORROSION” in Parc Floral de Paris, DYNAJET presented the prototype of its new DYNAJET UHP 220 to the public for the first time.

Paris, France. At this year’s anti-corrosion convention “LES RENCONTRES DE LA PEINTURE ANTICORROSION” on 2 April, DYNAJET presented a world first. Experts and professionals from all over the globe were able to marvel at DYNAJET’s new premium class in the form of the new DYNAJET UHP 220 for the first time in public. Two years of research and development are behind this highly innovative and ground-breaking new concept in the ultrahigh-pressure cleaner class. The UHP, with a pressure of up to 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI), offers advantages such as more power through use of a new, high-performance industrial diesel motor which complies with the latest exhaust-gas standards, more ergonomics through the optimised digital Easy Control II system, and more efficiency through the 50 % higher water throughput.

Further details and facts about all aspects of the new UHP 220 high-pressure powerhouse will be available to you soon to accompany the official launch.

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