Dirksen B.V. with DYNAJET at NK GLAZENWASSEN 2015

Dirksen B.V. with DYNAJET at NK GLAZENWASSEN 2015

From 5 June 2015, Dirksen B.V. is appearing with DYNAJET at the most important specialist window and facade cleaning event in the Netherlands, NK GLAZENWASSEN 2015, in Nieuwegein.

The NBC Congress Centre in Nieuwegein, Netherlands, is housing NK GLAZENWASSEN for the 11th time. On 4 and 5 June 2015, decision makers from the building-cleaning sector and building trade will once again be meeting there to take a look at the latest technology.

DYNAJET, as a key provider of optimum solutions in the area of facade renovation, e.g. with its cold- and hot-water high-pressure cleaner DYNAJET 350th or DYNAJET 500th, will of course be represented at the show together with its partner Dirksen B.V. Our mobile and economic all-rounder, DYNAJET 350th, with ergonomic radio remote control, will be on view. This can remove both organic dirt, as well as plaster, mortar and pointing, quickly and comfortably. Individual layers of paint can also be removed with precision to prepare surfaces for fresh plaster – up to six times faster than with conventional methods. And by activating hot water, oil-based dirt or coatings can be removed quickly and efficiently.

Visit Dirksen B.V. and DYNAJET at NK GLAZENWASSEN 2015 and see the benefits for yourself.

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