A pioneering innovation: the DYNAJET HELI valve

A new, innovative technology has emerged from the DYNAJET development department: the DYNAJET HELI valve – a depressurising valve for more efficiency, comfort and safety, even in applications carried out at a great height.

The new DYNAJET HELI valve now makes it possible to use a convenient depressurising valve at very great heights of up to 75 metres above the machine. “In comparison to conventional depressurising valves, the DYNAJET HELI valve allows users to work without problem at roughly three times the height, while maintaining the same power and efficiency,” explains Carsten Funk, Technical Director at DYNAJET. This corresponds to the height of a 25-storey building. With the DYNAJET HELI valve, when the gun is released, the pressure does not remain at the same level, but is reduced almost completely via the bypass line. In the same way, a gentle rise in pressure when the gun is activated makes for a considerably slower increase in reaction force and thus for improved safety and ergonomics. The new DYNAJET HELI valve will be immediately deployed in all 500-bar (7,250 PSI) machines and can be ordered as a special fitting for the DYNAJET 350th.