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Our DYNAJET Winter Check for your high-pressure cleaner

You can rely on DYNAJET professional high-pressure cleaners at all times. But, so that it remains that way, it’s vital for you to make your water-jetting system winterproof. Only a few small steps are necessary, which we’ll explain to you below in our DYNAJET Winter Check.

DYNAJET Winter Check

Step 1: Body and tank

  • Clean off general dirt from your machine.
  • Remove organic residue from the tank.

Step 2: Water system and water hoses

  • Empty out any water remaining in the hoses and blow them out with compressed air.
  • Rinse the water system through with antifreeze. Use a frost-protection agent based on monoethylene glycol as this does not attack the sealant and also protects against lime scale.

 Step 3: Accessories

  • Blow out rotor nozzles with compressed air to remove any water residue.
  • Check accessories for damage and wear.
  • If necessary, order new spare parts now, so that the machine is ready for operation straight away in spring.

Your DYNAJET high-pressure cleaner is now winterproof and ready for full operation again in spring.