Roof-cleaning with DYNAJET

With the DYNAJET 500th trailer and the DYNAJET DRS roof-cleaning system, the Schmidt company was able to clean the roughly 2,500 m² clay-tile roof of the well-known Bartlhof stud in Neuhofen im Innkreis quickly, efficiently and economically.

Neuhofen i.I./Austria. An area of approx. 2,500 m² – in the form of a weathered clay-tile roof – had to be cleaned in Neuhofen im Innkreis at the Bartlhof stud, which is well known for its dressage horses. The Schmidt company met this challenge, using the tried-and-tested professional water-jetting systems from DYNAJET. The mobile and all-purpose cold- and hot-water high-pressure cleaner DYNAJET 500th and the DYNAJET Roof Cleaner DRS 500 were called into action. At a temperature of 50°C and a working pressure of 400 bar (5,800 PSI), the entire roof area could be cleaned extensively and without impairing everyday operations in just under 40 machine hours.


Before                                                      After

Together with the Schmidt company, the economy, efficiency and sustainability of DYNAJET’s professional water-jetting systems could once again be demonstrated.

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