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DYNAJET Partner Day 2014 – a strong community

With around 50 partners from all over the world, the first international DYNAJET Partner Day was not only a great success, but also emphasised the strength and reliability of the DYNAJET community.

Under a cloudless blue sky and bright sunshine, it was not only DYNAJET that showed its best side at its headquarters in Nürtingen during its first-ever international Partner Day. Around 50 partners from all over the world travelled to Partner Day 2014, and took advantage of the opportunity to meet the complete DYNAJET team in person and to view the new, state-of-the-art site in Nürtingen, including Administration, Production and Development, at close hand.

The first international Partner Day also coincided with the official opening of
the new company complex, as well as two anniversaries: the first anniversary of DYNAJET moving to the new site in Nürtingen, and the third anniversary of DYNAJET GmbH becoming an independent company.

Clearly noticeable right from the start was the very personal and informal atmosphere in which a lively and constructive exchange of views and information took place between all the participants. This was accompanied by a comprehensive and varied programme, with presentations in three languages on the subjects of marketing and applications, and with numerous expert tips. In addition, many demonstrations of technology and use, featuring the latest devices and the most high-performance equipment, could be visited outdoors on the company grounds. These demonstrations in particular evolved into a constructive exchange of information and opinions, tips and tricks between professionals and specialists, from which all parties were able to benefit for the long term. The day closed with dinner and a sucking pig barbecued on site, together with entertainment, during which animated conversations could again take place in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. One of the highlights of the show programme was the “DYNAJET Song”, based on Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”. The festivities lasted until the early hours of the morning.

The first international Partner Day was a clear acknowledgement from both sides of the strong, personal working relationship between the partners and DYNAJET – centring on trust, mutual support and joint objectives. “The meetings with others, discussions and atmosphere at the international Partner Day were characterized by openness, partnership and mutual trust. There exists a true “DYNAJET family” which pulls together and, in future, will grow even closer. We very much look forward to next year’s Partner Day.” Carsten Funk, DYNAJET’s Technical Director, summed up.