In Gothenburg, DYNAJET proves to be the ideal solution for graffiti cleaning.

HTC and MPE International opt for DYNAJET in their jointly organised training course on graffiti removal.

Our Swedish sales partner HTC, and MPE International AB, a Swedish supplier of graffiti-removal chemicals, once again opted for DYNAJET to be part of their jointly organised training course on professional removal of graffiti. 15 participants from all over Sweden concluded their two-day training course with a practical day in the streets of Gothenburg to remove stubborn graffiti. DYNAJET provided a DYNAJET 350th which, with its 300 l water tank, proved to be ideal for the various tasks. Without having to fill up with water again, the DYNAJET operated at 4 different places, removing graffiti quickly and reliably from a variety of surfaces that had been treated with diverse chemicals beforehand.

DYNAJET could again demonstrate its efficiency and reliability in the fast and thorough removal of graffiti.


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DYNAJET 350th 

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