Clear the deck with DYNAJET

Clear the deck with DYNAJET

Our partner Agres s.r.l will soon be reporting for duty to remove paint from a customer’s tanker on the open sea – using our powerhouse DYNAJET UHP 170-2800.

Pozzallo/Sicily. Around 12 miles from the coast of Sicily, near an oil platform, the tanker of an owner of 140 GIAP petrol stations is ready to have its paint removed. The demanding task of extensive paint-stripping on the open sea is to be completed with the aid of the ultrahigh-pressure water-jetting system DYNAJET UHP 170-2800, offering a working pressure of up to 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI) at a rate of 18 l/min. It will be assisted by the DYNAJET RDS-Easy 3000-6 rotor nozzle which allows the multiple layers of the old paint to be safely and effectively removed in circular areas of approx. ten centimetres. The perfect interaction of water pressure, water volume and rotating nozzle makes for optimum cleaning and surface preparation of several square metres an hour. The DYNAJET high-pressure water-jetting system meets this challenge with maximum efficiency, economy and safety.

Support of the customer and removal of the paint are in the hands of our long-standing DYNAJET Partner, Agres s.r.l from Milan with a representative office in Catania, Sicily. Its many years of experience in different, complex areas of application predestines our partner Agres s.r.l for this project.

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Are you interested in our DYNAJET UHP 170 – 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI) – 18 l/min – premium model? Then don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d be pleased to advise you, and offer you optimum solutions tailor-made to your individual needs.