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Sewage pipe rehabilitation with DYNAJET in Copenhagen

At the heart of the historic city centre of Copenhagen, DYNAJET used a UHP 170 to carry out extensive rehabilitation work on numerous sewage pipes for a residential and commercial building.

The centre of Copenhagen, sewage pipes that were antiquated, decrepit and, in some cases, leaking, and the daily rush-hour traffic: the location and task could hardly have been more challenging for DYNAJET. Amidst the rush-hour traffic, the aged, leaking sewage pipes of an old building had to be repaired quickly and reliably. The pipes would normally have been dug up and replaced by new ones, in what would have been an extensive and costly construction process, but DYNAJET was able to offer an economical and safe alternative solution. With the aid of a DYNAJET UHP 170, the sewage pipes were first cleaned safely and rapidly at a pressure of 1,200 bar (17,400 PSI) and with a consumption of 40.5 l/min (10.71 Usgal/min). Then liners of stocking-like material were inserted, and inflated and cured with hot water. In this way, a pipe-in-pipe installation was created, as good as new, without the old sewage pipes having to be dug up – further proof of DYNAJET’s efficiency, economy and sustainability!

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