Katamaran-Reederei Bodensee trusts in DYNAJET

From professionals for professionals: Katamaran-Reederei Bodensee GmbH & Co. KG uses DYNAJET’s professional high-pressure cleaners for their catamaran maintenance.

Katamaran-Reederei Bodensee has been operating a direct catamaran service on Lake Constance between the towns of Friedrichshafen und Constance since July 2005. The company’s declared goal in providing this direct connection is to reduce traffic on the roads and therefore have a positive ecological impact on Lake Constance and its surrounding areas. Within this context, Katamaran-Reederei also focuses on sustainability for the maintenance of its catamarans, deploying DYNAJET high-pressure cleaners, which work without chemicals on the basis of natural water.

At regular intervals of 2-3 years, the catamarans are cleaned and have their anti-fouling coating removed with the aid of the compact and innovative DYNAJET 350th, enabling them to then be recoated. Anti-fouling coating is the most frequently carried out and, at the same time, one of the most important painting jobs. It prevents algae, mussels and slime from adhering to the outer skin of the catamaran so that the optimum manoeuvrability, performance and speed of the boat can be maintained. At a temperature of 80°C and a working pressure of 350 bar (5,075 PSI), the 500 m² outer skin on the hull is cleaned efficiently and sustainably, and the anti-fouling coating removed, in around 6 hours. The new anti-fouling coating can then be applied without problem.

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