DYNAJET Radio Remote Control for “th” models

More ergonomics, more efficiency, more safety – with the new Radio Remote Control for “th” models, DYNAJET is extending its assortment of application-oriented accessories.

Full control at all times, and anywhere within a radius of up to 350 metres.
The new DYNAJET Radio Remote Control for hot-water trailers enables quick and easy adaption to conditions, thus offering optimum additional safety. It means that the machine itself can now be switched on and off via radio control, and that the temperature and burner can also be activated remotely. In addition, pressure can be regulated precisely via remote control. This not only makes for more safety and ergonomics, but also for more efficiency, due to the considerable amount of time saved with DYNAJET’s remote control as walking long distances now becomes a thing of the past. All of the hot-water trailers can be equipped with the Radio Remote Control. The prerequisite is that the trailer is fitted with Vario Control, a special feature that offers stepless electronic adjustment of pressure and, when the gun is closed, lowering of idle speed. Alternatively, a DYNAJET retrofit kit is available to enable remote control for machines already in existence.

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