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DYNAJET develops the first 1000-bar (14,500-PSI) machine without a remote control cable

The engineers at DYNAJET have succeeded in implementing an entire 1000 bar (14,500 PSI) in a machine with a simple, hydraulic switching valve. The aim of this innovation is to greatly expand the application spectrum of the tried-and-tested technology of the 800me trolly, valued for its robustness and ease of operation, and to advance to a new pressure level.

“Up to now, only two constructive ways of implementing 1000-bar
(14,500-PSI) machines were available to us,” explains Carsten Funk, Technical Director at DYNAJET. “Either a dump gun which, when you leave go, allows water to stream straight out without any pressure, or an electronically driven pneumatic or electric valve. The dump gun had the disadvantage of consuming large amounts of fresh water, and an enormous quantity of water collected in the jetting area. In addition, a lot of effort was required to control it, because an extra cable or radio link was necessary to transport the electronic control signal securely from the gun to the control unit. With the new 1000me, we have now been able to solve this problem.”

The new concept is also an old and proven one: as in the smaller 350- or 500-bar (5,075- or 7,250-PSI) DYNAJET machines, a purely hydraulic unloader valve switches to bypass operation when the gun is closed. The pressure in the high-pressure hose is lowered considerably to relieve the load on all the high-pressure components in the system and further increase safety for the operator. When the gun is activated, the pressure builds up again steadily and rapidly.
In addition to the unloader valve, a safety valve enhances the safety features of the system.
The result is a robust machine that is easier to operate and much safer than other water-jetting systems in this pressure class. It’s simply the DYNAJET amongst 1000-bar (14,500-PSI) machines!

“There are no delays in supplying spare parts or delivering the new
1000-bar (14,500 PSI) machine, because up to 90 % of the modular elements used to configure it come from our tried-and-tested DYNAJET product portfolio. If you order today, you will receive your machine in 6 to 8 weeks. The performance of the machine during test operation and in quality and safety tests was completely convincing. At demonstrations, when customers see everything 16 litres of water at a pressure of 1000 bar (14,500 PSI) are capable of for their applications, we are met with enthusiasm and positive feedback,” says Andreas Fellmann, DYNAJET’s CEO and Head of Sales.


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