Renovation of the Brenner motorway with DYNAJET

During the renovation of the Brenner motorway, the building contractor drew on DYNAJET’s tried-and-tested technology to remove damaged and weakened bridge concrete

More than 15,000 m² of damaged concrete on the supporting columns and the underside of the Brenner motorway were the résumé of its many years of exposure to frost, de-icing road salt, vibrations, and the immense increase in heavy goods vehicles. Within this context, ultrahigh-pressure water jetting technology was the most economically reasonable option for restoring the road’s unsupported concrete structures. Agres, our DYNAJET trade partner in Italy with headquarters in Milan, was able to convince the building contractor of this and provided a more-than-ideal DYNAJET 2,000-bar (29,000-PSI) ultrahigh-pressure unit for this purpose. In addition, support was also given for the machine by Agres throughout the entire duration of the renovation project.

Thanks to a working pressure of 2,000 bar (29,000 PSI), fast and cost-effective concrete restoration could be carried out. Damaged and weakened bridge concrete could be removed without vibration and without negatively impacting structures that were still intact. What is more, the steel reinforcements could also be completely uncovered. Offering a pressure of 2,000 bar (29,000 PSI) with a water flow of 18 l/min (4.76 USgal/min), in combination with a four-jet rotor nozzle, the DYNAJET UHP 170 was unbeatable. The low reaction force and high area coverage made working simple and safe, even in cherry pickers or on scaffolding.

170-horsepower cleaning and removal, packed into an extremely small-size machine as a mounted module, were the reason why this renovation was possible at all. The local infrastructure, with difficult and extremely steep approaches and a poor water supply, was a great challenge. Together with an additional water tank, the DYNAJET UHP 170 was installed as a stationary module on an all-terrain lorry, enabling work to be carried out for extremely long periods in the most difficult terrain.