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DYNAJET renovates one of the largest offshore ships in the world

Within only about five weeks, the Maersk Curlew, one of the largest offshore ships in the world, could be completely cleaned and renovated in Hamburg’s docks with the aid of six DYNAJET ultrahigh-pressure units

Hamburg, Germany. With five 2,800-bar (40,600-PSI) DYNAJET UHP 170s and a 500-bar (7,250-PSI) DYNAJET 500th hot-water trailer, DYNAJET and its partner Renders & Partner moved in for work at the shipyard of Blohm & Voss.

The Mearsk Curlew, the first ever and one of the largest offshore ships, was cleaned and renovated within five weeks. The ship is a “floating production, storage and offloading” unit (FPSO) for oil and gas. It operates out at sea over the oil and natural gas fields, and prepares the products directly on site. The 236 m long deep-sea vessel was freed of deposits, such as mussels, algae and other dirt, by the DYNAJET 500th. At the same time, a total of five DYNAJET UHP 170s, each offering a working pressure of 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI), stripped paint from the Maersk Curlew at the places necessary. This meant that the surface could be optimally prepared for the new paint and anti-corrosion coating.

Operations went smoothly and the Maersk Curlew could be delivered to its owner “just-in-time”. Once again, DYNAJET convinced with speed and professionalism.