Working correctly with the WSS 500 sand-blasting system

Question: How do I set the WSS 500 sand-blasting system correctly to get a constant flow of blasting abrasive?

AnswWSS 500 sand-blasting systemered by our Product Manager:

If the WSS 500 is set wrongly, blasting abrasive may come out of the nozzle just in spurts. This happens particularly with very fine and heavy blasting abrasives, such as soda or garnet sand, when the suction power is set incorrectly.

We recommend you to proceed as follows:

  • Before you begin blasting, screw open the air-supply adjuster completely (holes open)
  • Press the trigger on the gun to start the flow of water
  • Wait to see if blasting abrasive is already being sucked up
  • Slowly screw the air supply back closed (holes closed) to increase the suction power, until the amount of blasting medium you require is flowing through the hose

If the air supply is closed completely, too much blasting abrasive may be sucked up and accumulate in the hose. This makes the blasting abrasive come out in spurts, rather than evenly, or block the suction hose completely.

In addition, you should always make sure that the suction lance is embedded as deeply as possible in the blasting abrasive so that enough of the medium can be sucked up all the time.