Wash, cut and restore: The ABC of DYNAJET nozzles

Question: Can I carry out all applications with one nozzle or do I need different nozzles for different applications?

Answered by our Service Manager:
Unfortunately, there is no all-round nozzle that is ideal for all applications. Although DYNAJET has developed a number of very versatile nozzles, such as our standard 15° shape B and D flat-jet nozzles, the requirements of the different applications sometimes vary considerably. Simple cleaning work and concrete removal cannot be carried out with one and the same nozzle, for example, because of the enormous difference in working pressure involved.

There are basically two main types of nozzle: spot-jet and flat-jet nozzles. The type appropriate to your application depends on whether you want to wash, cut, restore, remove material or clean surfaces with your DYNAJET water-jetting system. You can cut most efficiently with a spot-jet nozzle, for example. In addition to the nozzle type, the ideal jet angle – 5/15/30 degrees – and the optimum working pressure necessary for the particular application, also play an important role of course. For this reason, DYNAJET has subdivided its nozzle types into various alphabetic classes: A, B, C, D, E, F, etc.

An overview of all nozzle types and the nozzle suitable for your application can be found in our DYNAJET nozzle chart, here.

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