The fight against lime scale – prevention and correct descaling

Question: What is the best way to fight lime scale in my machine?

Answered by our Service Manager:
The most efficient way of fighting lime scale is to prevent it from forming. So, right from the start, you should find out what the hardness of the drinking water is in your region. You can obtain this information from your regional water provider or else determine the degree of hardness yourself with the aid of a water-hardness test strip.  The water-softener recommended by DYNAJET for the machine can then be dosed in accordance with the appropriate water hardness.

The hot-water systems of DYNAJET hot-water devices must nevertheless be descaled from time to time. When exactly can be determined in two ways:

  1. For trailers, by carrying out a simple test run without high-pressure nozzle or high-pressure cleaning gun attached, i.e. only with the hose connected. If, at maximum speed during the test run, a pressure between 50 and 100 bar (725 and 1,450 PSI) is shown on the manometer, the system needs to be descaled.
  1. By the diameter of the heating coil. When new, the diameter measures approx. 10 mm. When the machine needs to be descaled, the diameter is only 5-6 mm or smaller.

The machine can be descaled quickly and reliably with citric or acetic acid in accordance with Service Information 120124. It is then completely fit for use once again, and can be operated safely.

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