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Temperature regulation for effective weedkilling

Question: How can I regulate the temperature on a DYNAJET hot water machine to reach a constant value around 90° C - 95° C?

Answered by our Product Manager:

The correct temperature regulation depends on several factors, like supply water temperature or even the current weather temperature. If the weather is hot during the summer, the water in the tank of the trailer is heated up already before it reaches the burner. As a result the burner needs less power to reach the set water temperature. In the winter time the opposite applies.

To guarantee a constant working temperature of approx. 90 °C for weedkilling, simply set the temperature following these steps:

  1. Connect the gun handle with the weedkiller DUV 500 and then connect the gun with the high-pressure hose.
  2. Turn on the machine.
  3. Set the temperature on the digital burner control panel at 95 °C.
  4. Start the engine and the burner.
  5. Set the rpm at full throttle.
  6. Activate the gun and hold it to start the flow of water. The temperature will rise slowly. Due to the factors explained above and the increased flow of water when using the weedkiller, it will stop rising somewhere between 70 – 90 °C.
  7. If you want to work at a higher temperature, start to slowly reduce the engine rpm and watch the temperature rise again until it stabilizes just above 90 °C.


This way the temperature stays at a constant level as the set temperature of 95 °C is not reached and therefore the burner will not shut off.

By the way: The proteins in the plants are already destroyed at temperatures > 60 °C. Therefore efficient weedkilling is also possible at temperatures below 90 °C.

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