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Service life: high-pressure hose

Question: How can I best protect the high-pressure hose against wear and tear and extend its service life?

Answered by our Service Manager:

There are numerous ways of ensuring that the high-pressure hose reaches its maximum service life (6 years). Here are ten practical tips:

1) Always make sure that no loops form in the hose during operation.

2) Never use the hose to pull the cleaner.

3) Avoid kinks in the high-pressure hose and do not pull it over sharp edges.

4) Do not drive over the hose or push the cleaner over it.

5) Always make sure that the hose and its fittings are compatible.

6) Avoid ambient temperatures below -10 °C and above 70 °C.

7) Make sure that the hose is not brought into contact with substances that could cause damage to it.

8) Be sure to observe the permissible operating values and differentiate between permissible operating pressure and permissible test pressure.

9) Never use force to screw in hose fittings. 

10) Protect loosely laid hose lines on roads and pavements to prevent abrasion, deformation and other types of damage.