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Extending the service life of the high-pressure cleaning gun

Question: How can I lastingly extend the service life of my high-pressure cleaning gun?

Answered by our Service Manager:

The high-pressure cleaning gun is, so to speak, the »hammer head« of the machine, i.e. it is exposed to the most force and influencing factors both inside and out.  Because the gun is affected not just by the constant change of pressure but also by dirt, sludge, stones and numerous other particles, the wear and tear on it – especially on the internal parts – is at its highest. Nevertheless, the number of high-pressure hours is not an indication of the service life, as is often wrongly assumed. Instead, it is purely down to the activation of the gun trigger. The more often it is activated, the greater the wear, as the pressure has to be constantly built up and then reduced again.However, it is rare that the entire high-pressure cleaning gun has to be replaced outright. It is normally the O-rings and seals in particular that wear out. It is therefore a good idea to check the gasket sets regularly and, if necessary, replace them. The swivel joints are also subject to regular wear and tear, so it is advisable to always have spares available. I would also recommend that, after use, you always rid the gun of any residual dirt appropriately for the material involved. This will keep your high-pressure cleaning gun working smoothly for an extra-long time.