Automatic switch-off due to low water level

Question: My device runs briefly, but switches itself off again after a few seconds, reporting a low level of water, even though it is connected to the water supply. What am I doing wrong?

Answered by our Service Manager:

All DYNAJET devices are equipped with a suction and supply pressure sensor to protect the pump against cavitation. There are two threshold levels:

The static threshold level of 1.8 bar (26 PSI), i.e. the machine does not start unless there is a pressure of 1.8 bar (26 PSI).

The dynamic threshold level of 0.8 bar (12 PSI), i.e. during operation, there must still be a pressure of at least 0.8 bar (12 PSI) after the pressure drops in the hose due to outflow or water consumption.

There are a number of solutions for achieving these threshold levels:

  • Use a supply hose that is larger in diameter or shorter in length.
  • Use an additional booster pump.
  • Clean the device's supply filter.
  • Avoid Y or T distributor components.