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Accident prevention regulations: annual inspection for water-jetting systems

Question: When do I have to have my machine inspected? Do accident prevention regulations stipulate fixed maintenance intervals?

Answered by our Service Manager:

According to the German Trade Association Regulations for Health and Safety, (to be more exact: BGR 500), an annual inspection for your DYNAJET water-jetting system is mandatory for accident prevention reasons.

Like a car that has to be taken to an authorised garage to be serviced, the inspection may only be carried out by an authorised DYNAJET partner. On the basis of a predefined checklist, your DYNAJET water-jetting system, including expendables, is then given a thorough inspection. This accident prevention checklist is also available to you at any time in the Extranet in the form of Service Information 070705. This also includes details about the exact inspection points and further regulations concerning proper maintenance. Irrespective of this, water-jetting systems driven by electric motors require an additional annual e-check (German VDE 0710 standard) with a measurement report.

It is extremely important that you adhere to the prescribed maintenance intervals because, in liability cases, proof of the condition of the machine will be required.

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