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Sticker removal

Unsightly and annoying: With DYNAJET stickers don't stand a chance

Stickers on lampposts, power boxes and traffic signs? A permanent annoyance and often only to be removed by laborious manual work! Right now it is time to rethink and focus on absolute efficiency and economy: With DYNAJET you get both.


Every city is different, but they all have the same problem: almost all lampposts, electricity boxes and public waste bins in the city are plastered with stickers. These "embellishments" range from advertising stickers to clear political statements. In order to remove the stickers, in the past, as well as today, people often resorted to a scraper. But on the one hand this is extremely personnel-intensive, on the other hand it takes far too much time. In the end, one does not always get a satisfactory result. So what is to be done now?


The most effective and unbeatably fast way to remove the unwanted stickers is offered by the DYNAJET 350th. Within seconds, even the most stubborn stickers are detached from the metal thanks to the 350bar blasting power and 95 °C temperature. The DYNAJET 350th is a highly efficient, diesel driven high pressure cleaner with an integrated 300 l water tank (the larger version DYNAJET 500th even has an integrated 1000 l tank). The capacity of the DYNAJET 350th is easily sufficient to operate at maximum performance for about 30 minutes.

Of course, the field of application is not limited to sticker removal - the DYNAJET 350th is also perfectly suited for graffiti removal or chewing gum removal. Thanks to its compact design as mobile 1-axle trailer, the cleaning professional with its unit always remains agile and can easily reach any place, even in tight conditions.


  • Quick assembly and disassembly of the trailer due to the integrated hose reel
  • Maximum mobility due to the manoeuvrable 1-axle chassis
  • Nearly splash-free environment

Simply remove the stubborn stickers with a 15° flat jet nozzle and 95 °C hot water. And no matter what you clean with the DYNAJET 350th, the environment remains relatively free of spray water and the 50 m long high pressure hose can be quickly and easily rolled up onto the large built-in drum. Thus the DYNAJET 350th sets new standards also in terms of working ergonomics.