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Paint removal

DYNAJET removes paint extremely quickly and is kind to the environment

High-pressure-water stripping with DYNAJET thoroughly removes paint from painting aids, such as gratings, spray booths or tool carriers, but also from special components, using water pressure of up to 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI). Furthermore, because of the non-necessity of chemical solvents and the perfect interplay of pressure, water volume and temperature, it is also environmentally friendly. You can, of course, put your DYNAJET to quite classic use and free your shop floor from oil, grease and resin residue. DYNAJETting is efficient, safe and, what is more, kind to the environment.


• Fast and thorough paint removal with up to 2,800 bar (40,600 PSI)
• No chemicals necessary
• Increased efficiency through regular cleaning